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Comcast launches yet another way to pay for movie downloads

Comcast has added a video download store to its Fancast online video site. Up until now, Fancast featured free streaming video from sites like Hulu and CBS video. Now you can pay to rent or purchase the same TV shows and movies, plus a wider selection of new releases and older videos. In other words, the Fancast Store is a bit like Amazon Unbox.

What's funny is that while Fancast started out as a video streaming service and moved into downloads, it's starting to look like Amazon might be moving in the other direction. What's even funnier is that Comcast recently announced plans to limit the amount of bandwidth the company's internet service customers can use each month. If Comcast really wants you to spend $3.99 to $20 to download videos which can be several gigabytes large, the company might want to rethink that whole bandwidth cap thing.

[via ZatzNotFunny]

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