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Google Chrome omni bar - What is it?

Google Chrome omni bar
Don't have Google Chrome yet? Well, get with the program already! So far, the feature I like the best is the omni bar. In the webcast of the Chrome announcement today, developers called it the "psychic bar." I don't know if I'd go quite that far, but it is cool. Basically, the omni bar combines your regular address bar and the search box into one area in your browser. You can type in a web address or something you want to search for. But it's more than that.

After visiting Download Squad and using the search box just one time, I have the option to search DLS from the omni bar as well. I begin typing in the Download Squad address in the omni bar. Within a few keystrokes, I am told I can press tab to search Download Squad. It can be used on Amazon or any other place you frequently search for things.
Saves time going to the site and then searching. Chrome overall seems to be trying to save you time and put more functions in one place. Instead of going to Google (or Yahoo, or any search engine) and then typing in your search, you can do it all from one place.

Nice, but is it nice enough to make me change browsers entirely? Only time will tell.

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