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Download Squad goes Chrome-crazy

As Brad reported earlier today, Google is launching the first beta of its Webkit-based browser, Google Chrome, tomorrow!

Details of Google Chrome were originally leaked by the Google Blogoscope blog, who received their press copy of the Chrome comic book early, and as a result Google has moved the date of the release up 24-hours.

There have been more leaks, with the and sites intermittently displaying content. You can see screenshots here, here and here.

As for us, being the Googleholic's that we are, Download Squad will be covering all-things Chrome-related tomorrow. Here's a rundown:

  • I'll be following the Google press conference and posting any pertitent information.
  • We'll publish screenshots, screencasts and our general first impressions of the browser -- I'll be making the ultimate sacrifice and using Windows!
  • Download Squad bloggers will be having a Talkcast of sorts to discuss Chrome, its implications and what it means for the rest o the browsing market.
So keep your eyes on Download Squad or our RSS feed as we jump on the Chrome-caravan!

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