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Want to Know Everything About a Website? Try Quarkbase.

New web apps often make a lot of claims that just don't hold up under testing. When I decided to put through the paces, I fully expected to be underwhelmed. After all, their motto is "Everything About A Website."

Holy information overload Batman, this one really surprised me.

Pick a domain and hit search, then give Quarkbase a chance to dig up its research. They say to wait about 30 seconds, though my successful searches worked more quickly. I did get a few failure notices because of high traffic, but I understand why. Quarkbase finds so much information about your website that it's mindblowing.

What does it find? The domain owner, registrar, creation date, primary language, similar sites (*yawn* so far), traffic rank, blog rank, countries in which it's popular, description and "official" contact info, people involved, incoming links, and more. Unlike the "similar pages" Google search returns, the Quarkbase suggestions were pretty much right on the money.

But wait, there's more. It'll track down numbers on Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Technorati, Reddit, Delicious, and Yahoo Answers. Quarkbase even knows how many times the site have made Digg's front page. It also generates a list of the most popular recent page and five popular pages of all time based on these stats.

Quarkbase is an incredibly informative tool and undeniably useful for anyone working the web.

[ via FeedMyApp ]

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