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Android to get an App Store, cleverly called Android Market

android marketLeave it to Google to step in where others have mishandled the ball. It seems their mobile platform Android is getting its very own App Store ala Apple, except without all that pesky submit-and-pray scenario iPhone devs have been unable to complain about. OK, they can complain, they just can't share notes on the actual development process. Google is taking the open road here, and it appears there won't be those issues at Android Market.

From the Android Developer's Blog: "Similar to YouTube, content can debut in the marketplace after only three simple steps: register as a merchant, upload and describe your content and publish it." Holy smokes, that's it? While developers are busy doing the three-step for Google, one wonders what will become of the Great VC Gold Rush currently playing out around Apple's mobile sexpot.

[via CrunchGear]

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