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Is Lastpass as good as they make it sound?

You've no doubt learned to take the various claims software developers make about their products with a grain of salt, but the gang at Lastpass may be right on with theirs. Lastpass may just be the last password you'll ever have to remember.

Other DS bloggers have looked at plenty of other options, like Passpack and good ol' Keepass. Lastpass has put together an extremely worthy competitor, and I was impressed with how it performed in my test runs.

Lastpass installs as two parts: the core application and as plugins for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. All data is encrypted on your PC, and only your encrypted file is stored on the Lastpass servers. It's also cross-platform, so you can sync your password data to Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

During install, the manager effortlessly captures and imports local passwords from both browsers (which shows you just how much you need an encrypted password store) then gives the option to clear them. It also does imports from RoboForm, Keepass, Password Safe, and MyPasswordSafe.

The web interface also allows you to create groups for your logins, edit entries, add descriptions, rename them, set an auto-logoff timeout, view your login history, and much more. It's even smart enough to provide on on-screen keyboard option to log in to help you thwart keyloggers.

You can favorite sites for quick access via the browser button (which also handles navigating to and logging in to your sites). A customizable strong password generator is also included.

Multi-PC synchronization worked flawlessly for me during testing on two Windows XP machines and my Linux Mint laptop. Some ajax-based logins don't work 100% yet, but it's a known issue and the Lastpass team is hard at work to smooth out the kinks.

I'm sold. I'll be keeping Lastpass on all four of my machines to keep my logins securely in sync.

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