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SMPlayer open source media player goes portable

SMPlayer portable
SMPlayer is a frontend for the open source MPlayer, which means the media player can handle pretty much any media file you can throw at it, as long as it isn't wrapped up in DRM. SMPlayer is available for Windows and Linux. And now there's a portable version for Windows, which means you can run the media player without installing it. Just download, unzip, and click the executable file.

SMPlayer Portable supports all the same media formats as the classic version. The major difference is that you can install it to a USB flash drive for use on any computer. The portable application is based on SMPlayer 0.6.2, which is the latest version. It lacks the icon themes included in the full version, and it won't write anything to your Windows Registry. You can find a complete list of differences between SMPlayer and SMPlayer Portable in the user forums.

[via The Portable Freeware Collection]

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