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Operator: Portable Anonymous Opera Browsing

I'm not a big Opera fan, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Operator - a portable version with built-in Tor (hence the semi-clever name) anonymous browsing.

Download the 7mb zip and extract it to your flash drive, and you've got an excellent way to keep your surfing on public and work computers safe and private. I was surprised with the speed at which pages loaded, having used TorPark to cure my insomnia back in the day. Part of the boost comes from integrating Polipo, a tiny caching web proxy that Operator bundles with the browser.

Our home page loaded in about 22 seconds, a little over twice as long as it took Firefox. Not bad, considering the added security and privacy.

As the author warns on the Operator home page, only HTTP and HTTPS are anonymized by Tor, so avoid Javascripts and Opera's IRC functions to play it safe. For road warriors - and the truly paranoid - Operator is well worth a test drive.

Operator is freeware, Windows only.

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