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Try out an "old photo" effect that works like magic

Although I don't read Japanese, I know how to use Google Translator well enough to tell you about this awesome photo effect at Wanokoto Labs. There are plenty of tutorials out there about how to create an "old photo" effect in Photoshop, but this site does it for you in one step.

The effect basically seems to desaturate the image, add some grain, and smudge it up. This results in something like an old newspaper photo. In case you have trouble with the Japanese -- and you probably won't, the layout is pretty intuitive -- the upload feature is the blue tab on the left, and the URL feature is on the right. To activate, click the button below the address of your photo.

UPDATE: Hey, look at that. Once again, the readers are way sharper than I am. There's an English button in the corner. I'm not sure how I missed that, but thanks to John and Chris for pointing it out.

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