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Mark up any web page with Wired Marker for Firefox

Wired Marker
Have you ever bookmarked a web page only to forget what it was you were supposed to be looking at on that page? Wired Marker is a Firefox add-on that lets you highlight text on a page in one of 8 colors. Next time you load the page the plugin will remember your annotations and reload them for you. If you don't like the default colors, you can also customize them.

This isn't the first application we've seen that lets you markup web pages like old textbooks. But unlike Awesome Highlighter, Wired Marker is integrated with your web browser, so you don't have to enter the URL of the page you want to mark into a separate web application first. Just right click anywhere on any page, select Wired Marker, and pick your color.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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