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Google is slowly killing Page Creator, replacing it with Sites

Google Page Creator dies
Google has stopped accepting new users for Google Page Creator, the company's online web site creation tool. Current users can continue using Google Pages, but the company wants new users to sign up for Google Sites instead.

Google Sites is a web site/wiki creator that Google launched a year after purchasing Jotspot. Sites allows you to create editable pages, embed videos, calendars, and documents. Later this year, Google will transition all web sites made with the Google Page Creator over to Google Sites.

Google Page Creator was never as easy to use as it should have been and I honestly don't know too many people who used it to build web pages. So I don't expect many people to cry over its loss. But there is at least one potential problem. If anyone's ever posted a link to your files at, that link could break later this year, because Google Sits uses a different URL structure. Hopefully Google will offer existing users the chance to transition to the new service while keeping their existing URLs.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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