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Stexbar Fixes Glaring Omissions to Windows Explorer

I've always been a little pissed off that Windows Explorer doesn't include buttons to do two very simple things: create a new folder and toggle hidden/system file display. Fortunately for me, StExBar adds that missing functionality - along with some other killer features.

What about a button to add a new folder? Oh, hell yes. StExBar supports hotkeys as well, so now I can ctrl + shift + N (though that's really no easier than alt - w - n). You can also copy file and folder names and paths as plain text to the clipboard and click console to open a command prompt window in the current folder.

That's it for the basics, but StExBar doesn't quit there. It also does bulk renaming with regular expression support and allows you to set up your own, customized buttons. You can tweak new commands a number of ways, applying them only to selected files or folders or when nothing is selected. Don't want your new command to function in a vital area? Just check off "enabled when showing system files" to prevent accidentally screwing up important folders like System32.

And don't ignore the edit box on the right of the bar. It'll match expressions in your current folder and select all matching files and folders. Want to move all your MP3s containing the word "Manilow?" Type *manilow* in the box, hit enter, and StExBar highlights them all for you. If you have any.

Which I don't. I swear.

StExBar is freeware, 32 and 64-bit Windows only, and it packs a wallop for a 370k download.

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