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10 + tools to pimp out your Friendfeed

We're big fans of FriendFeed, the social network aggregator that helps you keep track of your friends' activities across different platforms like Twitter, LastFM, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and about 1,000 36 others. If you're a fan or if you're just getting started, below are 10 tools to help you experience it just the way you like, after the jump.

1. Filter FriendFeed by Service - when you don't want one big data dump, this Greasemonkey user script allows you to filter streams by individual services and by context. After installing, you will get a display box of the 41 service icons. If you are within a specific user's stream, then clicking on the icons will filter by that app for that particular person. If you're browsing within friends, then clicking on the icons will filter by that service on all your friends' activity.

2. Better FF subscribed to me - another Greasemonkey user script which adds a convenient subscribe button for the people you aren't subscribed to on the FriendFeed "Subscribed to Me" page.

3. FF to Go - take FF with you on your phone. FF to Go is a web interface built specifically without Javascript so the rest of us mobile users without iphones can access FF. Since FF is built on Javascript, iphone users can just go to to see the interface automatically.

4. Mail 2 FF - if you're on the run, you can post updates/photos to your Friendfeed account via email thanks to this neat little app. You just send an email to Put your message in the email subject line and comments in the email body. Nickname refers to your Friendfeed nickname, + is the actual plus sign, and key is your remote key.

5. FriendFeed Twitter client - this Greasemonkey script allows you to send a tweet to all your tweeps via FriendFeed. It does require you to provide your password. Once you do you will see a "Tweet" tab on your FF page, and clicking on it will get you to a message box where you can tweet away.

6. FriendFeed Profile - a Greasemonkey script which shows a user profile section on FF user pages by retrieving Twitter and LinkedIn information if available.

7. FriendFeed Facebook - yep, another Greasemonkey script that adds a Facebook tab to your FF page so you can click on it and get transported to Facebook where you can then give mini comments on your Facebook friends' feeds. (Cue Ironic by Alanis Morrisette). Of course, you could just install the FriendFeed app within Facebook - whichever is your fancy.

8. FriendFeed Google Reader - since you're wasting time being so productive staying in touch and updating your social networks on FF, while you're there you should install this Greasemonkey script that puts a Google Reader tab on your FF page. Pinch yourself. You'll never, ever have to leave FF again!

9. FriendFeed Filters: Friends and Groups - here's another script to help you weed out all the noise you're getting from all those dead A-listers. It allows you to create your own filters and segment your friends into various groups. When you click on a particular friend, you also can add them to any of the filter categories you just created.

Note: we could not edit the filter groups we created by clicking on the edit button. However, a workaround to this would be to click on one of your friends and either add/delete them in the filter category. If you have loads of friends though, this would be a hassle.

10. NoiseRiver - new web app built on FF's API which allows you to filter the noise and indicate your likes/dislikes with the philosophy being recommended friends should be about shared interests and likes, not just popularity. NoiseRiver is going for what they call smart social connections - those based on mutual interests and likes.

A first step towards finding smarter social connections is a prompt to put in keywords and then using a slider of hate and love, position your keyword accordingly on the slider box.

You can even import keywords from your accounts. You do this for people as well and NoiseRiver displays a color overlay to help you see the posts which might have more relevance for you.

The app is only 3 weeks old and they're adding new features every day. It will be interesting to see how they further develop the smarter social connections feature, so stay tuned.

Bonus track: Feedalizr, Twhirl, AlertThingy, Posty all Adobe AIR apps for your desktop to take your FF all the way to the desktop level, or not.

So, what's your favorite noise filter for FriendFeed? Gotta favorite FriendFeed Adobe Air app? Share, cause we want must, must know.

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