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Portable PC Wizard Analyzes, Benchmarks, Slices, & Dices

PC Wizard
We love kick-ass programs that run from our flash drives and don't take up a ton of space - especially when they come at us with a truckload of useful features.

CPUID's PC Wizard is a portable system analysis and benchmarking with tricks to spare. Apart from offering an incredible amount of information about the hardware and software in your computer (file associations, driver versions, hardware revisions, system uptime, etc.), it'll benchmark it, monitor sensors and voltages, and even stress-test it.

Benchmarking functions are surprisingly rich, testing everything from cpu, ram, drives, and even DirectX and MP3 performance. You won't get a huge assortment of systems to compare with, but you will get a good idea of how your rigs stacks up to some common configs.

We've had trouble with some portable system information apps missing the mark - especially on laptops - but PC Wizard worked like a charm, providing a ton of information about our test rig's proprietary mainboard. For an encore, PC Wizard can even figure out and display many MS application passwords and list them on the configuration screen. It's one more unexpected bonus feature that makes this program worth keeping on your flash drive.

Tags: analysis, benchmarking, burn-in, drivers, freeware, monitoring, overclocking