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Snarfer: Easy to use RSS reader for Windows

Snarfer is a free RSS reader for Windows. The application looks and feels a lot like other RSS readers, which is to say it kind of looks like Microsoft Outlook. But it's easily customizeable, with a variety of styles to choose from. There are also a bunch of plugins you can add that bring features like the ability to add feeds for custom eBay or Craigslist searches or stock price watches directly from the application.

You can easily arrange items by subject, date, or source. Clicking on the date tab gives you a Google Reader-like "river of news" where you see each item in chronological order, rather than by source. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to save this view, so you'll have to click "date" each time you select a folder you prefer a river-style view.

The program does a great job of importing feeds from OPML files. We were able to import over 400 subscriptions in a matter of seconds, and it only took a few minutes for Snarfer to grab updates from each feed.


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