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Is partnership transforming eBay from a marketplace to a store?

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Online auction site eBay may have started as a marketplace where anyone could buy or sell used books, toys, computer parts, or other junk, but over the last decade the site has turned into much more than that. Many power sellers depend on eBay for their livelihood, whether their running a bricks and mortar store and selling excess inventory online or selling handmade goods or items rummaged from yard sales.

So when eBay comes along and strikes a partnership with online superstore, some independent sellers were a little ticked off. The eBay store features hundreds of thousands of items. While the terms of's deal with eBay haven't been disclosed, many eBay sellers assume that the auction site has waived the listing fee for, only charging the company a commission when items actually sell.

From eBay's standpoint, this makes perfect business sense. How do you make sure your online marketplace always has a steady stream of goods that people can order? Partner with a large company that offers everything from electronics to sporting goods. But some independent sellers feel that by flooding the marketplace with cheap items, eBay is effectively killing mom & pop stores.

What do you think? Do you use eBay to buy or sell items? Would you rather see an eBay populated with bargains from major online retailers, or are there enough internet commerce sites that already offer this service? Would you rather eBay remain a place to buy new and used items from independent sellers?

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