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Evil Player: Light weight audio player for Windows

Evil Player
Free media players for Windows are a dime a dozen these days. Or umm, no dimes, because they're free. But while some media players try to set themselves apart from the crowd by piling on the features, Evil Player goes the opposite route. This media player has the simplest interface we've ever seen. Yet it still has most of the features you could need including support for streaming audio, global hotkeys, and playlists.

What Evil Player doesn't include is a flashy player window. There aren't even dedicated play, pause, stop, forward or rewind buttons. To access most features you either need to right-click on the player window or on the system tray icon.

You have a choice of installing Evil Player or downloading an installation-free file which you can run from any directory or load onto a flash drive. Our favorite not-quite hidden feature? When you install the application one of the language packs you can choose is called "Elmer Fudd." We'll let you figure out what it does.

[via The Portable Freeware Collection]

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