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iPhone App Review: Shazam helps you 'Name that tune'

ShazamHave you ever heard some music, be it in the background in a shop, or played on the radio and ever wished you knew the track's name? That's the dilemma Shazam sets out to solve.

By launching the application, holding your iPhone to the sound source you want to 'tag' and waiting a few seconds to sample the track, Shazam will tell you what that track is, and present you with links to buy the song using the iPhone's built-in iTunes store, as well as doing a YouTube search for the track to see if there's any related videos you could see.

In our testing here at Download Squad HQ, the application performed very well with all the music we threw at it (classical, jazz, rock and pop) and even when tested in the middle of a busy city-centre street playing music from another iPhone's external speaker, the application still correctly identified our tracks. Best of all, Shazam is a free application from the App Store and available now.

Shazam for iPhone

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