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Get more out of your Airport card with AirRadar

The Mac users at Download Squad love the built-in Airport cards in our Macbooks, but sometimes we wish the software were a little bit ... smarter. The menu-bar interface for Airport doesn't really give a lot of information about the available networks, and sometimes it automatically joins one you know you don't want to use. If you want to disconnect from a network without connection to another one, you have to turn your Airport off and back on. Frankly, it's annoying, and we're glad there's an app called AirRadar that makes things easier!

AirRadar color-codes the available networks, so you can quickly see which ones are open or protected, and what their signal strengths are. You can tinker with colors, view a signal-noise graph, and add networks to your favorites (there's a color for that, too.) Just as importantly, you can disconnect from a network without toggling your Airport off and on. It also fixes those auto-join problems by letting you set more specfic parameters for when it should get you onto a network.

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