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Tired of Manilla Explorer Folders? Get Rainbow Folders!

The default folder icons in Windows are so dreadfully boring, what with their bland manilla coloring and horizontal orientation. What we want is brightly colored folders that we can choose to stand on their side (like Vista). In the real world, not such a great idea - your paperwork would just slide out constantly and you end up with a bigger mess than before you crammed it into a folder.

In Windows, it's another story. Using Rainbow Folders to change the default icons gives you a quick way to visually distinguish your folders. Color all your image folders orange, documents green, or memos from your boss brown. It's a very simple way to add a bit of sanity to any directory that is overrun with subfolders. You can even add tooltip text to your folder, which displays in Explorer's status bar when you single click it.

As an added bonus you can also switch between old school (Windows 9x), XP, and Vista style icons. Sweet.

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