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FormatFactory Kicks Media Conversion Ass and Takes Names

Fine, it doesn't really takes names, but you won't care after you download and install this do-all media converter. FormatFactory's simple interface and broad file type support make it an excellent weapon of choice for media file junkies.

What could be better than a program that will convert audio, video, and image files from and to just about any format you can think of? How about one that does it all batch-style with minimal clicking? FormatFactory doesn't care what files you want to swap in what order, just feed it your sources and watch it go to work. Unlike a lot of similar apps, this one doesn't limit you to only video or audio, or even to one file at a time.
Dump in as much as you want of whatever you want, and FormatFactory will do all the heavy lifting. It even supports the iPhone and PSP, and 3GP as well - making it a great way to cram multiformat goodness onto your favorite portable player.

Conversion speed is decent, and the overall quality is damn good. JPEG to ICO conversion was a real surprise, and worked much better than anticipated (it's pretty freaking hard to get a 24 bit image to look good at 16x16 pixels, but FormatFactory did one hell of a job). You can even tag, rotate, and resize your images on the fly.

Yes, the interface is a quarter past ugly, but who the hell watches a batch conversion app while it works anyways?

[ via FreewareFiles ]

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