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Googleholic for July 4, 2008

Welcome to Googleholic, your bi-weekly fix for everything Google, the July 4th column! Happy 4th everyone!

In this edition:

  • Google C++ testing framework
  • Google Talk for iPhone
  • Google Maps voice search for BlackBerry Pearl
  • Use Spotlight to find online Google Docs
  • More ways to earn revenue from YouTube

Google C++ testing framework

Google has just open-sourced its Google C++ Testing Framework, which is a library of great automated tests for optimizing C++ code. The framework is portable, cross platform and it can be used in embedded systems (like Windows CE and Symbian).

The framework is even t learn, even if you are new to testing code and Google has a ton of documentation to get you started. This is the same library that Google has been using internally for some time, and is a great resource for C++ coders.

[via Google Testing Blog]

Google Talk for iPhone

Google has just released a new version of Google Talk for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now iPhone and iPod Touch users can talk to friends within the mobile Safari browser. Because the program is browser based, there is nothing to download (though this may change next week when the 2.0 software and App Store launch).

To receive instant messages, the application needs to be open in Safari -- if you navigate to another page or application, your status changes to "unavailable" and you will need to restart your Google Talk session later.

The program adheres to both Google and Apple UI guidelines, so if you are a fan of Google Talk and have an iPhone or iPod Touch, be sure to check it out!

[via Google Mobile Blog]

Google Maps voice search for BlackBerry Pearl

Owners of the BlackBerry Pearl 8110, 8120 and 8130 US are now able to perform voice searches for business queries for Google Maps. The new feature, which uses the same technology as GOOG-411, Google's free directory assistance service, can help users find businesses in their local areas. Simply press "0" on the map, hold the left-side key and say the name of the business or type of business you are seeking, release the button and voila -- your search results will appear in Google Maps.

The feature is new and experimental -- so it will get better over time and Google wants users feedback. BlackBerry Pearl 8110, 8120 and 8130 users can access the feature by going to in their BlackBerry browser.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

Use Spotlight to find online Google Docs

One of Mac OS X's most dynamite features is Spotlight -- the system wide indexing search engine that allows you to find any document or file on your computer in seconds.

The Google Mac team has just released a VERY cool preference pane for OS X that extends Spotlight's search capabilities to the web, including Google Docs and Google Bookmarks in the indexed search results.

Precipitate works with both regular Google and Google Apps accounts and integrates Google Docs results perfectly with regular Spotlight searches. A Google Docs icon for the corresponding document shows up in the list and clicking on the file loads the document in a new browser window or tab. Only bookmarks and documents are supported right now, but Google promises more features in future versions.

[via Google Mac Blog]

More ways to earn revenue from YouTube

AdSense has just launched a number of new improvements and features that allow users to monetize YouTube content. YouTube and AdSense have signed deals with three new partners that are allowing users to embed their videos into their sites and share advertising revenue. Broadbandtv, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and The Orchard all have content available to publishers to put on their blogs to earn revenue from.

Additionally, Google has introduced new video unit sizes, in 728x90 and 160x600 to more easily fit in with existing advertising or monetation sections on your website.

[via Inside AdSense]

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