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Backup your flash drives with USB Image Tool

USB Image Tool
USB Image Tool is a utility for creating an exact image of pretty much anything you plug into your USB port. This isn't the same thing as copying and pasting all the files on a flash drive to a new directory or zip file. Instead, every chunk of data on your flash drive is saved in a single file that you can then burn to a disc, upload to an offsite storage location, or just save on your hard drive.

If you keep work documents, portable applications, or other important data on a flash drive, it's a good idea to back it up occasionally. USB Image Tool makes the process about as simple as can be. You plug in a drive, hit backup, and choose a location to store the image. You can also select a compressed file format if you want to save a little bit of space, but it takes longer to create a compressed image.

[via gHacks]

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