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Stuck For a Domain Name? Dot-o-mator to the Rescue!

Dot-o-mator is never stuck for catchy or bizarre names
You've got enough to worry about with your new Web 2.0 startup without having to come up with a clever name - never mind a matching domain name that's actually available.

Well, why not take advantage of Dot-o-mator, a crafty little web app that reaches deep into its dictionary and outputs a list of possible domains that would make Dr. Seuss proud.

Of course, coming up with a combination is only half the battle. You've got to somehow find one that hasn't been snatched up by some underhanded domain prospector. Dot-o-mator makes that easy, too, giving you one-click access to a multi-name availability check.

It's a great brainstorming tool, and can be a huge help in the struggle to brand your new web venture. We like it for the possibility of setting up private Gmail service on a domain like ""

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