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Mozilla Firefox breaks non-existent world record - nobody cares

Remember, that whole Firefox download day thing that we got so amped up about? Us too.

Remember when their servers screwed the pooch for most of "Download Day"? Us too.

How about that vulnerability that affected all 8 zillion of us who downloaded version 3? Yep, we remember that too.

Now you can put all those rough memories behind and sleep easy. Today, Mozilla "officially" announced setting the record, with 8,002,530 downloads on the release day of Firefox 3. It's fair to point out that, nothing was broken here... this was a new record, hence "setting" and not "breaking".

Will you remember Mozilla set the Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24 hours on June 18th, 2008? Neither will we.

But congrats on still being #2 Firefox. Let us know when that changes and we'll jump around and party like it's 2035!

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