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NFReader: Light weight RSS reader, perfect for flash drives

Remember back when the only software worth having was the kind that fit on a single floppy disk? NFReader would have fit right in. You know, if RSS and floppy disks had coexisted a bit longer. NFReader is an RSS reader for Windows that weighs in at less than 1MB. It also doesn't require installation, which makes it a perfect candidate for throwing on a USB flash drive.

You won't find a ton of features in NFReader. There's no way to tag, star, or share items. You can just mark articles as read or unread. But you do to choose whether you want to use HTML or just read the plain text versions of each article.

Like any good RSS Reader, NFReader will let you import or export OPML files. So if you typically use an online RSS reader like Google Reader or Bloglines, but want to test out a desktop reader, you can export your web-based feed list and import it in a matter of moments.

[via Lux.Et.Umbra]

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