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WiX: Web page creation made simple, Flashy

WiX is a web site creator that lets anyone design attractive (or not so attractive) web sites. You don't need to know the first thing about HTML or CSS to use WiX, because everything is drag and drop-based.

While WiX might sound a lot like Google Page Creator or Weebly, WiX pages are entirely Flash-based. That means you can use the WiX editor not just to create standalone website, but also Flash objects that you can embed in other web sites. There's even a MySpace tab in the editor in case you want to be one of those people who make ridiculously flash (and Flashy) elements that show up on MySpace pages.

WiX offers a fair number of templates that you can modify, but you can also create web sites and other objects from scratch. When you're finished creating a site you can publish it online, but the URL will start with You can also generate embed code that will let you include anything you create using WiX on another web site.

[via WebWare]

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