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Where web sites come from: Paper mockups of Flickr, Twitter, etc.

Vimeo mockup
While it's nice to think that anyone can create an awesome web page or desktop application just by typing a few lines of code into a computer, the truth is good design is good design, whether it's sketched out on a computer or on a piece of paper. Deeplinking has put together a pictorial showing some of the paper sketches that led to popular applications like Twitter, Vimeo's profile pages, Flickr's Places feature, and the AbiWord word processor port for the XO Laptop.

There are a few other paper prototypes to check out as well. In some cases the paper sketches look strikingly like the finished product. In other cases, they just look like a blur of lines and arrows.

Most of the images were found via Flickr. Odds are if you spend some time searching, you can find a few other gems. Let us know if you find anything good in the comments!

[via Boing Boing]

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