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RocketOn: what fresh hell is this?

rocketonWhat could be more fun than browsing your favorite sites? Why, browsing your favorite sites while directing a funky-looking avatar to parade around and do your bidding, of course. Unlike PMOG, where your experience is backgrounded until you stumble upon mines or loot (but requires a Firefox extension to work), RocketOn figures it'll be a lot more fun to disrupt your browsing with some crudely animated avatars overlaid on top of whatever page you're on. They do this in much the same way Gabbly works, by intercepting the page and overlaying the content on top. Essentially, you're seeing a browser in a browser.

We weren't particularly impressed with RocketOn, however. While the tech works well enough, is there really a desire to put an avatar on pages? It completely interrupts the experience and adds practically nothing that you can't get from a service like Gabbly, save the rather lame avatars. The avatars themselves aren't very customizable out of the box, although apparently you're supposed to hang out on the bare pages of RocketOn to "earn" more stuff. Pets, clothes, the usual crap you get thrown at you on Facebook. Ultimately this looks like a nice tech demo that is just a complete waste of time. Or maybe we're missing the point.

[via TechCrunch]


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