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Yoono social browser plugin goes public, adds Firefox 3 support

Social web browsing plugin Yoono has emerged from private beta. The new version still wears a beta label, but it's available to the public. Yoono is basically a utility that hangs out in the Firefox sidebar and gives you quick access to instant messenging services, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed, and Piczo.

The public beta adds support for Firefox. It also packs a few new features:
  • Filter your friends activity by network, group, or names
  • Add FriendFeed and Flickr comments
  • Send Twitter direct messages and replies
  • Upload pictures to Facebook or poke friends
  • Browse Digg video
Yoono will also be adding Google Talk and MySpace soon. There does appear to be a bug that prevents Yoono from working properly on Firefox 3 in some cases. The problem seems to show up if you've installed some other browser plugins. Yoono is expected to release an updated version addressing this problem within the next few days.

[via Mashable]

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