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Jungle Disk 2.0 released

A while back, we asked for reader feedback for off-site backup solutions. Unsurprisingly, many of you said you used Jungle Disk which is a disk-based utility that allows for easy backup to Amazon's S3 storage platform. S3 is inexpensive, efficient and Amazon's servers are fast, which makes it a great tool to use for either server or local drive backups. However, if you don't want to stare at the command line or grapple with a web interface, especially for automated backups, Jungle Disk is a tremendous time savor.

Today, Jungle Disk released version 2.0 of their software for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can read the release notes, but here are some highlights:

  • Brand new interface that makes setting up the service easier than ever and a very intuitive back-up selection utility
  • Support for Jungle Disk 2.0 buckets and compatibility buckets
  • Support for European S3 buckets
  • Support for multiple backups and independent scheduling
  • Previous versions feature
  • Improved performance

For us, the biggest improvement was the user interface. We tried using Jungle Disk about 6 months ago and found it nice, but not very attractive or easy to use (especially on our Macs). The new version is much, much better and set-up could not be any easier.

We have a S3 account that we use to do automated backups from our web server (which we can do via a simple shell script) and we occasionally login to our S3 account using Transmit, which supports S3 and allows for drag and drop access much like Jungle Disk.

The difference is that Jungle Disk can do automated back-up tasks, and for users who opt in for the Jungle Disk Plus program (which is $1 a month), backups and uploads can be resumed, only changed files can be uploaded, and multiple backups and scheduling systems can exist. Depending on how often you want to offload your files to S3 and how granular you want your backup strategy to be, will determine if Jungle Disk is worth the $20 price tag (which includes lifetime updates). There is a 30 day free-trial, so the tool is at least worth a spin if you already have a S3 account or are looking at getting one.

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