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Yahoo! Mail adds @ymail and @rocketmail

YmailThere are plenty of ways to get a custom email address. You can sign up for service with and choose from a number of custom domains. Or you can register a domain and use Google Apps to link it with an email account for free. But if you're a Yahoo! Mail fan, you might find that getting the domain name you want isn't the hard part. It's getting the prefix.

About 266 million people use Yahoo! Mail, which means the odds of getting an address like are pretty poor at this point. Today Yahoo! made things a bit easier by opening up two new domains, and

If RocketMail sounds familiar, that's because it's the name of a company that Yahoo! purchased in 1997. The first version of Yahoo! Mail was built on technology developed by RocketMail earlier in the 1990s. You can snag an account using one of the new domains by visiting the new signup page.

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