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Microsoft release Origami Experience 2

Origami Experience 2
Microsoft has released the Origami Experience 2.0. In case you missed out on the first version of the Origami Experience, it's basically a suite of software designed to make it easier to navigate on Ultra-Mobile PCs, or tiny tablets like the Samsung Q1.

The new version requires a touch panel display, 100MB of disk space, and 1GB of system memory to work properly. The new version includes a built-in RSS reader, a new picture password utillity, and a new home screen application called Origami Now.

Users can create custom tiles in Origami Now to make it easier to access information like weather, email, and RSS feeds from one central location. There's also a new web browser called Origami Central that's basically a customized version of Internet Explorer 7 designed for touchscreen devices. It supports ActiveX, Flash, and Silverlight. Origami Central's toolbar auto-hides to maximize screen real estate on small UMPCs with 1024 x 600 resolutions.

[via Ian Dixon]

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