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MySpace site redesign coming next week

MySpace video playerMySpace is set to roll out a major site redesign next week. Don't worry, MySpace will still be the flashy and obnoxious older sibling to more subdued social networks like Facebook and Orkut. But it'll be a bit easier to navigate, and it will be easier for users to customize their own pages without any HTML knowledge.

Users will be able to edit profiles by using a new sidebar utility that lets you pick a template and change the color scheme. MySpace will also be changing the way it displays search results by providing a series of tabs you can click on to see results from all of MySpace, the web, or just user profiles, videos, or music results.

While most of the changes won't be visible until next week, MySpace has already updated its video player. The new player features easier to use controls, and support for Flash 9, which means you can watch high resolution videos on MySpace TV.

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