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Google discontinues Google Browser Sync

Google Browser SyncIf you've been waiting patiently for Google to update Google Browser Sync to run on Firefox 3, it looks like you can stop waiting. Lifehacker reports that the company has decided to discontinue development of the product.

Google Browser Sync provides Firefox 2 users a way to synchronize their bookmarks, history, cookies, and saved passwords across multiple browsers on multiple computers. In other words, you can use the program to make sure the settings on your home browser are identical to your settings on your browser at work.

According to a Google representative, the folks who had been working on the browser plugin had moved onto other projects. But honestly, we're not surprised to see that Google Browser Sync is no longer a priority for Google. Mozilla is now working on its own synchronization service called Weave, which lets you synchronize bookmarks and browser history across multiple computers.

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