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Microsoft, unable to buy Facebook, makes their own for Big Biz

Steve BallmerSo we all know the saga of Microsoft and Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook, Facebook and Yahoo, and so on and so forth.

But at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston Microsoft is expected to show off their own new social networking project that the company's been "incubating" for a while. It's called "TownSquare".

TownSquare is a social networking platform for your company to use internally. Apparently it even looks like Facebook. There's probably a village idiot in every company too that will use it for something inappropriate, which is the true test of a full on corporate piece of software.

The goal is to provide a system for storing anniversaries, job promotions, shared docs, and other information about employees. It actually sounds kind of neat and useful.

Microsoft has been using it since January with 8,000 employees and no word on whether it displays in Internet Explorer correctly (we told you all jokes aside, "for now")

Hopefully some screenshots will surface soon.

[via zdnet]

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