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How to get a custom email address without registering a domain domain namesWant a custom email address that looks a bit more professional than Email service provider provides users with a chance to pick from dozens of available domain names. That means you can get a free email account like,,, or of course,

You can choose from a number of categories, like top choices, academic, cities, countries, hobbies, jobs, locations, and miscellaneous.

Once you sign up for a free account, you get 3GB of storage, an address book, and calendar. In theory, if you don't like the email service, you could just forward all of your email to your email provider of choice. But there's a catch. Free accounts don't support forwarding. If you pony up $3.95/month or $29.99/year you can get a get a premium account with unlimited storage and email forwarding.

[via TechnoSpot]

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