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Add HTML signatures to Gmail using a bookmarklet

Gmail signature bookmarklet generator
For some baffling reason, Gmail still doesn't officially support HTML signatures. In other words, you can't add links, graphics, or adjust your fonts.

There are a handful of Greasemonkey scripts that add support for HTML signatures, and the latest version of Better Gmail also lets you create HTML signatures without installing Greasemonkey. But what if you don't want your signature to show up on every single message? Or what if you want to create multiple signatures that you can use in different situations?

GeekFG has developed a web service that lets you create and HTML signature and then save it as a browser bookmarklet. All you have to do is click on the bookmarklet when composing a Gmail message in Firefox or Internet Explorer and your signature will be added.

This utility comes from the same guy who brought us DomainFinder, a web service that lets you break up any word or phrase into possible domain names like or

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