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Mozilla launches Firefox 3 RC2

Firefox 3 RC2
Firefox 3 RC2 is now available for download. Yes, we know that there was a file labeled Firefox 3 RC2 available on the Mozilla FTP server for the last few days, and we thank everyone who sent us links letting us know. But until Mozilla updates the links on the download page, it's not official. Mozilla may want to do some last minute testing or tweaking. Or they might just want to make sure the servers are ready to handle a ton of traffic.

So what's new with Firefox 3 RC2? Not a whole heck of a lot that you'll notice. This release wasn't about adding new features, but rather fixing bugs. There's still a rather lengthy list of known issues which you can read about in the release notes.

Also, keep in mind that installing Firefox 3 RC 2 will overwrite your previous Firefox installation. You shouldn't lose any bookmarks or preferences, but some add-ons may stop working until the developers update those extensions.

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