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StyleTap confirms plan to bring PalmOS apps to the iPhone

StyleTap is an application that lets Windows Mobile users run PalmOS applications. A few months ago the makers of StyleTap announced plans to port the application to run on Symbian smartphones. They also demonstrated a version of StyleTape CrossPlatform running on an iPhone, but said the video (shown above) was just for demonstration purposes and that no decision had been made yet on whether to create an iPhone version.

Now it's official. StyleTap is coming to the iPhone. The company plans to release the application in early July. That means you'll soon be able to run over 20,000 applications designed for PalmOS on an iPhone or iPod touch.

The company said they wanted to gauge the interest in the product before deciding whether to proceed with development. The videos posted to YouTube and Viddler have been watched more than 800,000 times, so apparently there is some interest.

[via Palm InfoCenter]

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