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Twitter Developers answer our burning questions

Twitter on Get SatisfactionSome of our questions about Twitter's recent and well documented downtime have been answered by the Twitter Dev team.

This is a nice move from Twitter, and we've watched a slow progression into open communication and transparency happen over the past few weeks in Twitter-land. They've been using services like Get Satisfaction to open up the conversation with those who are passionate enough to care.

And there are a lot of us who care.

Enough to start 2,146 different topics on Twitter alone.

Some of the Twitter faithful asked obvious questions like "Why Ruby?", while some of the better questions highlighted were "Why wasn't Twitter built as a messaging system from the start?". The answer was quite honest, and it was basically that Twitter was a one day project and it's success was not projected.

Very humbling for a company with funding to come out and talk behind the scenes nit and grit. Check out the full post.

We hope to see more of this from Twitter and from other companies as well.

Twitter has also opened up a Tumblr blog to keep us up to date on all of the important status information.

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