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Windows 7 says hello world, then runs and hides away

Windows 7

Last night Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer talked a little bit about Windows 7. But just a little bit. Speaking at the All Things D conference, Ballmer, Gates, and Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green demonstrated some of the features that will be included, including support for Surface-like multi-touch technology.

Some other programs that utilize multi-touch include:

  • A new photo management application that takes advantage of the multi-touch interface, allowing you to zoom, rotate, and organize your photos
  • A mapping application that combines Windows Live Local, Virtual Earth, and multi-touch zooming features -- this application might not make it into Windows 7
  • A multi-touch piano application

In other news, a couple of high profile web sites have been claiming they have some new leaked screenshots of the Windows 7 interface. But as blogger Long Zheng points out, it appears that these images were just concept drawings from someone guessing what the new OS might look like. Aside from last night's multi-touch demo, the truth is we still don't know very much about Windows 7, other than the fact that it will be released in about 18 months, and that Microsoft is keeping pretty quiet about it.

In the meantime, you can check out a video demonstrating some of the multi-touch features in Windows 7 after the jump.

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