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Google demos latest version of Android cellphone OS

While Google may not be ready to release its Android mobile operating system on the world yet, the company did demonstrate the latest version of its upcoming cellphone OS today.

Overall, Android has an iPhone-like look and feel. The home screen has a program launcher that looks remarkably similar to Apple's. But there are a few things that set it apart. First, the status bar that shows up at the top of every page is far more interactive. You can click and drag any item on the status bar from any program to pull down a menu that will show you missed calls, unread emails, or other information.

You can also easily customize the shortcuts on your home screen as well as the look and location of widgets like a clock. And while you can zoom in and out of web pages using the mobile browser much the same way you can with Safari for the iPhone or Opera Mini for pretty much every other phone, you can also double click on the screen to open a magnifying glass-type box that lets you zoom in on just portions of a web page.

In addition to the video above, the folks at Android Community shot a few videos demonstrating Google Maps, Street View, and Pac-Man running on a prototype Android device.

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