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Adobe offers up some CS4 betas

Adobe, who only last week was denying Creative Suite 4 release date rumors (or that the next version of Photoshop will be called Photoshop CS4), has just released the first CS4 betas for three of their products. Early versions of the next-generation of Soundbooth, Dreamweaver and Fireworks are all available for download for both Mac and Windows (Soundbooth is only available for Intel Macs).

Dreamweaver and Fireworks were both part of Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia in 2005, and to us, neither program felt fully integrated with the existing Adobe products in CS3. The CS4 betas promise to provide better Creative Suite integration (especially for Fireworks users) as well as providing some great new features.

Dreamweaver now boasts a Live View Mode so that users can see real-time previews without having to leave the program. Fireworks features a new user interface and compatibility with other Adobe technologies. The big news with Soundbooth is support for multi-track editing.

The beta applications will be active for only 48 hours, unless you are an existing CS3 customer. If you already have a CS3 license for the product your are trying, you can continue to use the CS4 betas until the final release.

Thanks Kent!

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