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TrailRunner: your new outdoor sports buddy

If you're an avid runner, hiker or cyclist, you probably need some way to keep track of your routes and plan workouts that cover just the right distance. TrailRunner is an application that's up to the job. It keeps track of your point-to-point "tracks" using open-source maps, and lets you stitch them together into complete routes. It also works with a ForeRunner GPS, if you happen to have one, or with Apple's Nike+iPod kit.

TrailRunner keeps track of distances and elevations, and shows your routes in an attractive, very readable display. We didn't have any of the supported devices to test it with, but TrailRunner's basic features are easy enough to use that we're seriously considering buying one. It might take a while to build up a solid list of tracks and learn how to use the advanced features, but it could be worth the effort of venturing into the out-of-doors for extended periods of time is your thing.

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