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When Twitter is Down, a single-serving site seems like a good idea

In the tradition of humorous single-serving site status checkers like and comes a new entry with none of the utility of the others, but about fifty times the comedic value. When Twitter is Down is a site by Adam "lonelysandwich" Lisagor, a well-known Twitter user and one of the hosts of the You Look Nice Today podcast.

Sandwich gathered up some of the best suggestions about what to do when Twitter is down, and the site's only function is to cycle through these and make you laugh during Twitter's frequent downtime. One of the funniest things about it, in our opinion, is that it's aware of its predecessors. In a nod to, which is nothing but a collection of nice things about Barack Obama, one of the When Twitter is Down messages reads: "When Twitter is down, Obama wins a bicycle." Priceless.

DISCLAIMER: If you're averse to some mild profanity, you may want to look elsewhere for something to do when Twitter is down.

UPDATE: Sandwich has passed along some more info, including the interesting note that Mat Honan, the man behind Obama Is Your New Bicycle, actually shared his site's code for When Twitter is Down. Mat also contributed a When Twitter is Down joke, along with other funnybone-owning Twitter users fedge, LazyBonesMcGee, nevenmrgan, and wisekaren. Thanks for writing in, Adam!

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