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HHOTT View plugin for IE7 offers safe "clickless" browsing


HHOTT View is a plugin for Internet Explorer designed to let you surf faster and safer. We're not entirely convinced it accomplishes either goal, but the concept is intriguing. Once the plugin is installed, you should see a green, blue, red, or gray arrow appear every time you hover your mouse over a link. Green means the link is safe, red means it's unsafe and you probably shouldn't click. Blue means you've disabled the plugin, while Gray means HHOTT View is in the process of updating or is not responding.

If you click the arrow instead of the link, resizable mini-browser will open up. The feature works especially well on sites like Flickr or YouTube where you can watch a video or view a larger image without navigating away from the page you're currently on. But it's a bit less useful if you want to actually click a link leading to a text-based web site. In those instances, you might as well just open a window in a new tab.

You also have to hover your mouse over each link for a second or two before an arrow pops up, which mean that while HHOTT View might help prevent you from clicking on unsafe links, it certainly won't save you any time in your daily browsing.

The free plugin is currently only available for Internet Explorer. A Firefox version is in the works. HHOTT View is still in public beta, but the full version is scheduled to launch next week.

[via AppScout]

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