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Get Satisfaction trolls Twitter, hears your company complaints

Get Satisfaction

Not everyone can expect companies like Comcast to reach out and touch them every time they complain about poor service over Twitter. But thanks to Get Satisfaction's new Overheard service, there's a better chance that you will receive a response next time you start bitching on Twitter about companies like eBay, Seesmic, or even Twitter itself.

Here's how it works. Get Satisfaction is a community site that connects companies to customers in need of support. You could already login to Get Satisfaction and leave comments or complaints. And representatives from the companies you were talking about can respond.

Now Get Satisfaction has launched a service called Overheard that uses Twitter search engine Summize to find out when people are talking about companies on Twitter. Those Twitter messages are posted to Get Satisfaction, an when a company employee, another customer, or anyone else responds, Get Satisfaction will send a tweet letting you know about the response.

So there's no guarantee that someone will turn your cable TV service back on if it gets shut off inadvertently just because you start complaining on Twitter. But now you know someone might be listening. Or you could just pick up the phone and call the customer service number. But seriously, who does that anymore?

[via VentureBeat]

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