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Auto wallpaper multiple monitors with...AutoWallpaper

Are you lucky enough to have more than one monitor on your computer? Sure it looks cool, and it's fun to show off to friends..but it's very helpful with productivity too.

What's the first thing you do when you set up a new machine or monitor? Throw up fresh new wallpaper of course! Your mom, your cat, or your wife or girlfriend (hopefully not both, awkward!).

AutoWallpaper comes from a company called AlternativeRealities Software. It solves the multi-monitor / multi-wallpaper problem.

It's out for Windows and Mac and only costs $10. It's well worth it because you can not only manage wallpapers on your monitors, you can add effects and gradients as well.

My favorite feature though? Set your wallpapers to change whenever you want. That's right, if you want new wallpapers at exactly 9pm, you can do it.

Give it a shot and drop a link to a screenshot of your hot new wallpaper in the comments!

[Hat tip to snowbear]

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