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Dorble: Yet another web based MP3 search engine


Dorble is a music search engine that lets you find free MP3s on the web. You can either listen to tracks in a web-based music player or download them with a little right-click action.

We should make it clear, when we say free, we don't mean legal. Dorble, like several other popular music search engines isn't bringing you music that's been properly licensed for distribution. Rather, it scours the web (or some small section of it) for MP3 files that have been uploaded, often without the copyright holders' permission. Of course, it's possible that some of the music you find will be legal, but much of what you'll find on Dorble isn't.

That said, Dorble has a pretty Cover Flow-style interface on the front page that let you search for some of the most popular artists with a simple click. Dorble isn't as good as SeeqPod at finding music from relatively obscure artists. But if you're looking for Madonna or Jack Johnson and you can live without Mike Doughty and Over the Rhine, Dorble's worth checking out.

[via A Little Bit of Everyting]

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